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    2022 FIS Grand Prix in Rasnov: Poles with medals!

    Poles with three medals – two silver and one gold – at the 2022 FIS Grand Prix in Rasnov, Romania.

    Stefan Hula and Pawel Wąsek stood on the podium in the first-ever ski jumping duo competition – the Normal Hill Super Team Event. The Poles were second.



    There has never been such a competition in ski jumping before. It was a team competition, but the result of each team consisted of not four athletes in two rounds, but two in three rounds. A completely new format was tested in Rasnov. This gave smaller teams a chance to compete and even fight against the giants.


    Aleksander Zniszczoł won Saturday’s FIS Continental Cup competition in Stams and left his title-winning rivals behind. Moreover, he improved a hill record.



    Anders Fannemel, who is well known from the World Cup, was in the lead at halftime in Stams. The Norwegian jumped 116.5 metres. Zniszczoł came in second with a jump of 112 metres. In the final, the Pole broke the hill record with 120.5 metres. Fannemel could not defend his leading position and dropped to second, with Zniszoł taking the win.


    In FIS Grand Prix Men Normal Hill Individual Paweł Wąsek won a silver medal. 




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