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    60% of Poland Suitable for African Tick Hyalomma

    Researchers from the University of Warsaw, led by Prof. Anna Bajer, have highlighted the potential presence of the invasive Hyalomma tick in Poland. Originating from the Mediterranean climate, these large ticks can transmit dangerous viruses, including the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV).

    Citizen Science Initiative

    The project “Narodowe Kleszczobranie” involves Polish citizens in identifying these ticks. Sightings, especially of large ticks on horses or pets, should be reported. Prof. Bajer emphasizes caution when removing these ticks to avoid viral transmission.

    Potential Spread and Research

    Hyalomma ticks are expanding their range, with sightings reported in Germany, Sweden, and potentially Poland. Mathematical models suggest that 60% of Poland has suitable conditions for these ticks. The research aims to confirm their presence and prepare for potential health risks.

    Preventive Measures and Awareness

    The initiative underscores the importance of public involvement in monitoring and reporting tick sightings. By doing so, researchers hope to better understand and manage the spread of Hyalomma ticks and the diseases they may carry.

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