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    Modern version of the iconic Fiat 126p. Could such an idea succeed?

    Everyone knows Fiat 126p, the so-called “Maluch” was produced in our country for 28 years. It is undoubtedly a motoring legend, which still – whenever it appears on the road – evokes pleasant memories.

    The Fiat 126 is a four-passenger rear-engined city car, introduced by Fiat in October 1972 at the Turin Auto Show as a replacement for the Fiat 500. It was one of the most successful models with a total production of almost 4.7 million units.

    As it turns out, the new Fiat 126p can be resuscitated and returned in a modern version. Not long ago, a new electric city car project was created, called the Fiat 126 Vision!

    “In this new concept, the 126 does not lose its identity, but rather it is strengthened.”

    Italian design studio MA-DE has developed a concept for a refreshed version of the iconic vehicle. Although the design of the electric Fiat 126 has received rather positive feedback from motoring fans, series production of a refreshed version of the iconic model is still in question.

    It is the all-electric first project from Vecchii. Vision 126 is the design of a very modern electric vehicle. At first glance, there is a strong resemblance to the Polish Fiat 126p.

    “With this 126 Vision we have decided to preserve, adopting a new interpretation, the contour and some unmistakable stylistic elements, such as the roof tapered at the rear and the squared headlights dominated by the character line that surrounds the vehicle,”

    stressed MA-DE studio.

    The vehicle in the new design is dimensionally larger, and the front is emphasised by nice square LED daytime running lights. The Vision 126 electrics also feature a truncated rear end. The successor to the Polish Fiat 126p now has a fully opening tailgate, including the windscreen; the luggage compartment is now located where the engine used to be.

    An electric motor completes the look. We must admit that the new design looks impressive. At the moment, however, no details of the car have been revealed. It is also unclear whether it will ever go on sale. The electric Vision 126 would certainly appeal to Polish consumers.

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