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    Volleyball Women's World Champs: Poland defeated Croatia

    Poland’s first match against Croatia in the volleyball world championships was incredibly exciting. The Polish team started very well, but then had a moment of weakness. However, the Polish volleyball players played very well and eventually won the whole match.

    In their first meeting at a volleyball World Cup, the Polish team could feel at home, as they were cheered on by a number of our fans in the Arnhem stadium. The Polish women started the match very well, already in the first action showing their great asset, which is the block. Then it was good, even very good.


    In the second set, however, the Croatian team was in the lead from the beginning. Once Poles managed to level the score, in a while the rivals escaped again and levelled the match.


    In the next set, the Croatian team played well, and the Polish team seemed surprised by this. They made a lot of mistakes, there were a lot of misunderstandings. In the third set, it was already very bad, as the opponents were leading 16:8. But the Polish volleyball players made up for the loss. The Polish women not only made up for the loss but also came out on top and won the set.


    The rushed Polish women followed the blow. The fourth set did not start well, however, but they quickly led to a draw and then the Croatians could only look on helplessly at their perfectly playing opponents. Playing under pressure, the rivals started to make mistakes and Poland put more and more pressure and was unstoppable in the end.



    Poland will play their second match on 27 September, when they face Thailand in the Ergo Arena in Gdansk.


    Poland – Croatia 3:1 (25:19, 21:25, 25:23, 25:15)


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