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    The spectacular comic book 'Kajko i Kokosz' is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year

    “Kajko i Kokosz” / (Kayko & Kokosh – ed.) is a work by Janusz Christa, who first presented the adventures of the two characters in 1972 in the legendary “Świat Młodych” / (World of Youth – ed.).

    The comic book has been reissued by Egmont, and since 2016, an official continuation of the series has appeared, entitled ‘Kajko and Kokosz – New Adventures’, created by other authors.


    As it turns out, the Slavic warriors from Mirmiłów / (Mirmilov – ed.) will live to see an adaptation of their adventures. The RedDeerGames studio from Warsaw is responsible for the game “Kayko & Kokosh”. Both will be released on the Nintendo Switch console and both are being developed under the watchful eye of the Kreska foundation named after Janusz Christa, run by the cartoonist’s granddaughter.



    The year 2022 marks the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most famous Polish comic book series, ‘Kajko i Kokosz’. On this occasion, the Polish Post has prepared a unique philatelic publication. A stamp commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first comic strip from the “Kajko i Kokosz” series published in 1972 in “Wieczór Wybrzeża” was ceremonially presented on 27 May at the conference centre of the Gdańsk International Fair “Amber Expo”.




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