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    Former FM’s tweet presented at the UN Security Council. Russia's ambassador thanks him for help

    Russia’s representative at the UN Security Council quoted the content of Radosław Sikorski’s tweet, in which he attributed the blowing up of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines to the United States. Vasily Nebenzya even thanked Sikorski for this, while stressing that the politician’s wife, Anne Applebaum, “is a person who has access to the circles of power in Washington.”

    The UN Security Council on Friday rejected a draft resolution tabled by the US and Albania condemning Russia for its attempted annexation of Ukrainian territory and calling on it to withdraw troops. Only Russia, which has veto power, voted against the draft. Four countries abstained.


    The move was sparked by a speech by a Russian diplomat who thanked Radoslaw Sikorski for his entry on Nord Stream. A few days ago, Sikorski suggested with a Twitter post that the US was behind the damage to the Russian-German gas pipeline. “Thank you, USA,” the former FM wrote.


    During a meeting at the UN Security Council, Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya thanked Radoslaw Sikorski, the former Polish FM, quoting his first and second tweets, and informing him that he “apparently realised that he had written too much and deleted the first post.” The ambassador then stressed that Anne Applebaum “is a person who has access to the circles of power in Washington.”


    “Russia’s representative to the UN thanks Radoslaw Sikorski for his famous tweet. Спасибо, Радек!” Undersecretary of State Pawel Jablonski wrote and published a video of Vasily Nebenzya’s statement.



    Sikorski wrote a thank-you note to the United States after the explosions at Nord Stream for the alleged blow-up of the pipeline by the Americans. After criticism, he decided to delete the post and attempted to explain himself. 


    “The damage to Nord Stream narrows Putin’s room for manoeuvre. If he wants to resume gas supplies to Europe, he will have to talk to the countries that control the Brotherhood and Yamal pipelines; that is, Ukraine and Poland. Well done,” he wrote.


    Polish Prime Minister also referred to the whole situation.


    “Radosław Sikorski thought of himself as a master diplomat. And he ended up as a pawn in the game of Putin’s propaganda. This is the whole truth about the PO (Civic Platform -ed.) leadership,” he wrote on Twitter.



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