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    #EverestSkiChallenge. Bargiel to end the expedition due to weather conditions

    During the project ‘Everest Ski Challenge’ Andrzej Bargiel wanted to conquer Mount Everest without the use of oxygen and descend the mountain on skis. Unfortunately, the weather conditions started getting worse and worse. ‘I am forced to make a decision to end the expedition. The forecast for the next days and weeks is getting worse. Heavy snowfall and strong wind, will make it impossible to reach our goal,” Andrzej Bargiel informed on Facebook.

    “Since yesterday, we have been at the BC and are all okay and safe. Unfortunately, the last summit attack gave us a tough time. We went at the altitude of 8000 m to the South Pass. Unfortunately, we were stopped at the pass by the wind, which was much stronger than forecasted. Gusts of up to 100 km/h meant that we could not set up a tent and camp, which also meant that we could not just try to climb the top the next day,” Bargiel said in a recorded video that he posted on his Facebook


    Later on, he described that they had gone back to Camp 2 to wait this period of bad weather. He also added that after the analysis of the forecast, they decided to end the expedition. 


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    “Due to the high risk and the tough, unpredictable conditions in the Himalayas this year, I felt that this was the only right decision,” he wrote. 



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    Andrzej Bargiel is a Polish ski mountaineer, backcountry skier, mountain runner and climber. Raised in Łętownia, he is a three-time Polish ski mountaineering champion and held third place in the overall World Cup. He is the current record holder in taking the least amount of time to achieve the Snow Leopard award. He is also the current record holder in the Elbrus Race. Since 2013, he has been running his original HIC SUNT LEONES (“here are lions” in Latin) project, the goal of which are speedy, oxygenless ascents and ski descents from the highest mountain peaks on Earth.

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