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    2022 Amputee Football World Cup: Brazil better in their clash with Poland [VIDEO]

    Brazil was already leading 2:0 after goals by Alex Sandro Firmino da Silva and Felipe Goncalves de Jesús in the first half. The contact goal three minutes before the end of basic time was scored by Krystian Kapłon, but the white and red team did not manage to draw.


    The start of the match was extremely difficult for the Poles. From the very beginning, the Brazilians went on the attack and already in the fifth minute of the match, Alex Sandro Firmino da Silva scored a goal.


    In the 44th minute, Felipe Goncalves de Jesus scored for 2:0 from a free kick. The goalkeeper was successfully prevented from intervening by a rival and the ball fell into the net. Three minutes later, a penalty kick was converted into a goal by Krystian Kapłon and the Poles went on the attack. The referee added five minutes to basic game time, but unfortunately, it was not enough to draw. 


    Brazil won against Poland 2:1 and will play in the quarter-finals. The Poles, on the other hand, will fight for places 9-16. They will play their next match on Thursday.



    Poland – Brazil 1:2 (0:2)


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