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    West Pomeranian Day of Financial Instruments in Kołobrzeg on October 7

    The West Pomeranian Day of Financial Instruments conference is an opportunity to listen to experts in the field of economy, learn methods for motivating oneself and others and find out how to set goals and be inspired by the achievements of those who successfully operate on the market local. A huge dose of knowledge and the possibility of networking in a specially prepared business support zone is always a great opportunity to broaden your horizons!

    “Multidimensionality is one of those concepts that are gaining importance in the face of current challenges. The multidimensionality of changes, smaller and larger crises we have to deal with, and the broadness of the context in which they occur, provoke us to think in many directions and force us to undertake various actions. By adopting such an attitude, we open ourselves to multidimensional goals resulting from different experiences and expectations of individuals, teams or organizations, and by being a remedy for their problems, we multiply the benefits on many levels. As public fund managers, we focus on continuous development, providing the market with a full range of financial instruments and solutions tailored to your needs. By implementing various instruments, we enable flexible installation of financial assistance – this is particularly important in the current situation. In order to meet the needs of our entrepreneurs, we have built a multidimensional and logically consistent support system in which the common denominator is the renewable nature of the funds. Thanks to this, the horizon of our support extends far beyond the current programming period – access to it will not be limited by the framework of the next financial perspectives. Thanks to such support, the crisis does not have to mean difficulties, we can successfully turn it into a breakthrough leading to changes that mean development. The West Pomeranian Financial Instruments Day is a great opportunity to find out where you can count on support and how to get it, and listen to those who, despite the sign of the times, have the courage and motivation to achieve success.”, President of the Board of ZARR S.A., Arkadiusz Pawlak said.

    “Great expectations are the key to everything. By setting new and more ambitious challenges to ourselves, constantly looking, thinking and asking, we do not only contribute to self-development but also prepare for various situations that life presents to us. This also applies to entrepreneurs. Those companies that never rest even after their successes, adapt to the changing reality more easily. Entrepreneurship is the driving wheel of the modern world. Creating conditions conducive to its development is a real incentive to locate in the city and investments that directly affect the development of the region and the local community. Kołobrzeg has been creating a unique environment for investors for many years. Over eight and a half thousand companies from various industries have found their place in this city of forty-six thousand inhabitants. Kołobrzeg is, in addition to the well-known accommodation and health and rehabilitation base, a thriving development, construction, shipbuilding, fishing, logistics, production, commercial, technological and innovative center.
    Such diversity would not be possible without the close cooperation of the city authorities with the entrepreneurs operating here. Such a strengthening of this cooperation was the establishment of the Kołobrzeg Entrepreneurship Development Center – an institution where a full package of services and tools is gathered in one place, leading to the implementation of comprehensive support for entrepreneurs at every stage of the company’s activity. From counseling, consultations and training, through the provision of coworking spaces – to the promotion and learning of entrepreneurial attitudes among children and adolescents, to the possibility of financial support and obtaining external funds.
    Excellent cooperation with the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and many institutions allows our entrepreneurs from Kołobrzeg to find tools, including financial ones, which they can use for the development of their company. So wait, look for, ask and our experts will answer all your questions.”, President of Kołobrzeg, Anna Mieczkowska said.

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