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    61st National Festival of Polish Song in Opole Set to Begin

    The 61st National Festival of Polish Song in Opole starts Friday, featuring concerts, tributes, and the return of the Cabaret Night.

    The final preparations are underway at the Opole amphitheater for the 61st National Festival of Polish Song, which kicks off on Friday evening. This year’s festival will span three days and will see the return of the Cabaret Night after a long hiatus.

    Day 1: Premieres and Debuts

    On Friday, the festival featured two traditional contest concerts: “Premieres” and “Debuts.” Artists such as Alicja, Landberry, Józefina & Skubas, and Piotr Cugowski competed in “Premieres.” Following this, Michał Bajor celebrated his 50th anniversary with a special recital. The day concluded with “Debiuts – Niemen Symphony,” honoring the 20th anniversary of Czesław Niemen’s death and his 85th birthday.

    Day 2: SuperJedynki and Cabaret

    Saturday’s lineup includes the “SuperJedynki” concert with performances by Polish rock legends like Bajm, Big Cyc, and Lady Pank. That evening, TVP viewers can enjoy the Cabaret Night featuring popular acts such as Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju and Grupa MoCarta.

    Day 3: A Tribute to Janusz Kondratowicz

    The festival’s final day will be dedicated to Janusz Kondratowicz’s songs in the concert “The Loved Ones Among Us.” Notable artists like Kayah, Natalia Kukulska, and Staszek Sojka will perform.

    Artistic director Wojciech Iwański, music director Adam Sztaba, and set designer Giorgos Stylianou-Matsis have ensured an exceptional event. Jacek Cygan will chair the jury.

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