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    Firearm vs. chopper – a dispute at a gas station in Wrocław

    The incident resembling a crime film scene took place at one of the gas stations in Grabiszyn in Wrocław. The escalation of aggression between drivers was due to an allegedly incorrectly performed maneuver by the driver of the bus vehicle. It was enough for one of the participants to take out an object resembling a firearm and the other to join him with a chopper in his hand.

    One of the men has already been examined in the light of the provisions of Article 190, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, and in addition, during the search, he possessed narcotic drugs.

    Criminal investigators from the Wrocław-Grabiszynek Police Station arrested a man who threatened the bus driver with an object resembling a firearm. According to him, the bus driver “cut him off”. As you can see, not everyone can control his temper which is why the Police conduct preventive actions entitled “Stop Road Aggression”.

    This time, the recording of the monitoring from the petrol station and other operational activities allowed for quick identification of the personal data of the participants of the incident. Subsequently, the police detained the suspected aggressor who would now answer not only for punishable threats but also for possession of drugs.

    Therefore, the 44-year-old citizen of Wrocław is now facing a sentence of up to 3 years imprisonment. The character of the second perpetrator is being investigated. Most likely, he will be charged with the same article that the other participant in the accident has already heard.


    The fact is, however, that this type of road aggression happens almost every day on the streets of Wrocław. Wroclaw policemen appeal to all road users for patience and mutual respect.


    Excessive aggression can lead us at best to court, hospital, or nowhere!


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