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    BioCam: the only such movable implant with Bluetooth in the world – Polish endoscopy capsule

    BioCam is a Polish company that designs and manufactures an endoscopic capsule for imaging of the digestive system for real-time determination of potential threats. The primary use of an endoscopy capsule is to examine areas of the small intestine that cannot be seen by other types of endoscopy such as colonoscopy or esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD).


    BioCam is a company established in May 2019 and based in Wrocław, Poland. We popularize patient-friendly examination of the whole gastrointestinal tract using our own capsule endoscopy platform, based on AI technology. We believe that with our solution, capsule endoscopy will be a go-to examination of the whole gastrointestinal tract. (

    Tests for digestive problems can include colonoscopy, upper GI endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), and endoscopic ultrasound. Many surgical procedures are performed on the digestive tract. These include procedures done using endoscopy, laparoscopy, and open surgery. However, there are other methods to diagnose a patient and one of them is an endoscopy capsule. After swallowing the capsule patient can return to daily tasks because whole examination is safe to do at home. Inside the capsule is a tiny wireless camera that takes pictures as it passes through the small intestine. Images are transmitted to a recording device.

    “I feel great since I swallowed BioCam 8 hours ago. What is important, it is the only such movable implant with Bluetooth in the world. The BioCam team has written 8000 lines of code to diagnose and save lives. Yes, we activate the capsule by swallowing it.” Digital EU Ambassador, Maciej Kawecki uploaded a short video of BioCam on Twitter.



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