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    Day 236: Iranian kamikaze Shahid-136 drones attack the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv [VIDEO]

    Iranian kamikaze Shahid-136 drones were used to attack Kyiv. The target of the aggressors was the critical infrastructure related to the energy sector.

    This morning, kamikaze drones attacked the Ukrainian capital. The energy infrastructure remains the main target of Russian attacks, but drones are also bombing civilian buildings. As a result of the attack, there was an explosion and a fire in a residential building in the city centre. According to the latest information, 4 people have died and more than a dozen were injured.


    “The enemy’s goal is to destroy all Ukrainian infrastructure, they want people to freeze in winter, they want Ukrainians to stay for the winter without electricity, without heating. They want to cause us a humanitarian catastrophe,” Vitalij Kliczko, the Mayor of Kyiv, said. 



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