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    PM on EU Council conclusions on energy policy: “We ended the discussion with conclusions that were good for Poland”

    Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s prime minister, said on Friday that a whole raft of proposals related to energy policy had been adopted as conclusions of an EU Council summit in Brussels, which he described as Poland’s success.

    Morawiecki said the Council’s conclusions related to energy policy covered prices, reducing the negative impact on national markets, the economy, and unemployment.


    Speaking before the summit’s second day on Friday, Morawiecki said that “the main problem in the whole of Europe today is very high prices of energy generated from natural gas, but also from other sources.”


    “These energy prices translate into major economic problems,” he added.


    “Yesterday, we ended the discussion with conclusions that were good for Poland – introducing an energy price cap through the price corridor,” Morawiecki said. 


    He added that the details still needed to be worked out in the coming weeks by the bloc’s energy ministers.


    “We also talked about the voluntary nature of the purchasing mechanism, and our postulate was also taken into account here,” he said. 


    Morawiecki said the talks had centred on Russia’s influence on energy prices and the economic situation.


    “I pointed out the risk appearing on financial markets, the risk of various types of speculation,” he said, adding that for several months Poland had talked about building mechanisms to prevent speculation, which was also reflected in the Council conclusions.


    “All issues related to energy policy, prices, the weakening of the negative impact on domestic markets, the economy and unemployment were included in the conclusions. This is a great success for Poland. We were building a coalition with the other Member States,” Morawiecki said.


    Moraweicki also pointed out that “Russia is not seeking peace but wants to terrorise Ukraine and Europe. I hope our discussions today will be directed toward a firm condemnation of Russia and the implementation of the next package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus.”



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