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    More illegal refugees attempt to get to Poland via Belarus

    51 foreigners attempted to cross from Belarus into Poland last day, the Border Guard reported on Sunday morning. More couriers carrying people who had illegally crossed the border were also detained.

    According to the Border Guard’s Twitter account, among those who attempted to cross the border on Saturday, 11 people approached the barrier but retreated to Belarus, and more than 20 people crossed the border via the Svislach river.



    The Border Guard also detained a Georgian and a Ukrainian national, who were carrying a total of nine citizens from Syria, Sri Lanka and Egypt.


    The Border Guard recorded a total of more than 1,500 attempts (including approaches under the steel barrier) to illegally cross the border with Belarus in October. This is more than in previous months.


    Following the construction of the steel fence on the border with Belarus, work is being carried out to set up the so-called electronic barrier there. The surveillance centre in Bialystok, which will receive signals from perimetric and other devices from the borderline, is already ready. At the border itself, the first of eleven teletechnical cabinets that will integrate the operation of the electronic barrier elements has been set up, and the installation of cameras and detection cables is underway.


    Its first kilometres are expected to be operational in October. The system is planned to be fully operational by the end of the year.


    Since 1 July, it has been prohibited in Podlaskie Voivodship to approach the Polish-Belarusian border at a distance of fewer than 200 metres. It was requested by the commander of the Podlaskie Border Guard Unit. The ban will be in force until the end of November in the entire voivodship, except for border sections running along rivers.


    The decision is related to ongoing work on the construction of electronic security devices.


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