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    The Rafter's Award in Grudziądz

    On October 30, the Rafter’s Award was presented at Centrum Kultury Teatr. This time it was received by the Alla Camera choir in Grudziądz, which thus joined the group of laureates created by the Ph.D. Władysław Biegański and Karola Skowrońska Regional Specialist Hospital. The Mayor of Grudziądz, Maciej Glamowski, participated in the ceremony.

    Let us remind you that the previous laureates of the Rafter’s Award are: Ph.D. Władysław Biegański and Karola Skowrońska Regional Specialist Hospital in Grudziądz. This prize is awarded for special social, economic and cultural merits. Rafting is associated with the tradition of hard and dedicated work, while the Award is an expression of the gratitude of the local community to all those people, associations and organizations that, through their efforts and dedication, have added splendor to Grudziądz, made it shine, and made it a happier and more beautiful place. It is a specific form of distinction for people and institutions that do good and give it good to others, and the awarded merits may relate to various fields, such as culture, economy or health care. (

    Not only the Alla Camera choir in Grudziądz was awarded on October 30. In connection with the 30th anniversary of CK Theater, many other people received distinctions and decorations. The Mayor of Grudziądz awarded Marianna Gitner-Sawistowska, a theater graphic artist, for special merits in the field of artistic education of children and youth. Several people received Gold and Silver Medals of the Republic of Poland for Long Service, which are awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland. The winners are: Elżbieta Orłowska, Renata Wróblewska, Bożena Wysocka, Anna Granica, Tadeusz Zakrzewski and Tomasz Jabłoński. In turn, Zbigniew Kulwicki, director, and actor, was awarded the Medal for Merit to Culture Gloria Artis, awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Finally, Krystyna Janda, one of the most outstanding Polish actresses, received the Audience Award for her role in the performance “White blouse”.

    The Rafter’s award was presented for the third time this time. Alla camera has been a cultural showcase of Grudziądz for many years. The choir has existed since 1987. For many years its conductor and artistic director was Anna Janosz, currently, Mateusz Iwanowski is the conductor. The Rafter’s Award itself is a prestigious distinction awarded to people, associations, and organizations that have graced Grudziądz and made our city more beautiful and friendly.


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