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    25-year-old Norwegian suspect in murder of Mia’s mother. EAW to be issued

    5-year-old Mia, who was abducted by her suspected 26-year-old Polish father, has been placed in the care of Danish social services. It was police officers from Denmark who stopped the car in which the 25-year-old Norwegian was travelling with the girl yesterday evening. In turn, the Malopolska police informed that an extradition procedure under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) will be initiated against the man suspected of the murder.

    Polish police on Saturday after 11 pm announced the cancellation of Child Alert, announced an hour earlier in connection with the abduction of 5-year-old Mia. The child was abducted by her father, a 25-year-old Norwegian citizen who is also suspected of killing a 26-year-old Polish woman, the girl’s mother.


    “Volkswagen in which the man and the child were travelling was stopped on a motorway in Copenhagen. The girl, unharmed, was taken into the custody of Danish social services and the man was taken to the police station. The court will likely decide today on his custody,” press officer of the Oświęcim police Małgorzata Jurecka said today.


    In custody, the 25-year-old Norwegian citizen, Ingebrigt G., will await extradition to Poland. An extradition request will be prepared by the Polish prosecutor’s office. Ultimately, the extradition will be decided by a Danish court.


    On Saturday late afternoon, the Oświęcim police received a report of a dead 26-year-old woman. The woman, with cut wounds, was found in her flat by her father.





    Extradition procedure 


    Malopolska police announced on social media that an extradition procedure under the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) will be initiated against the man suspected of killing the 26-year-old in Oswiecim.


    The communiqué stressed that investigators are carrying out further activities to establish all the circumstances in the woman’s murder case.


    25-year-old Ingebrigt G., a Norwegian, is suspected of the murder of his partner, a 26-year-old woman from Oświęcim. The woman was found dead, with cut wounds, in her flat by her father on Saturday. The woman’s cohabitee was not at the scene and their five-year-old daughter Mia had also disappeared.


    “Due to suspicions that her partner, a 25-year-old Norwegian, may have been connected to the woman’s death, a search was launched in Poland and Europe for him. Investigators’ findings indicated that the couple’s child was in the man’s custody, and a Child Alert was also issued in connection with this,” transmitted by the Malopolska police.


    According to unofficial PAP sources, the man did not live permanently in Poland. He arrived in Oświęcim at the end of October. The couple’s child has Polish and Norwegian citizenship and speaks both languages.


    The Danish court may not issue an extradition decision if the Norwegians claim their citizen – which could be the case if the evidence does not point to the man’s guilt. According to the Polish police, such an option is highly unlikely.


    In Poland, murder is punishable by 25 years imprisonment or life imprisonment.


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