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    Murdered mother, abducted child. New information on the tragedy in Oswiecim

    Charges of murdering a young woman from Oswiecim and abducting a 5-year-old child will be heard by Norwegian Ingebrigt G., who was detained by Danish police in Copenhagen on Saturday. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow has applied to the court for a European Arrest Warrant.

    Prosecutor Janusz Hnatko, the spokesman for the Krakow Regional Prosecutor’s Office, told a press conference that the court had also decided to grant temporary custody of the child to the grandfather from Auschwitz.

    The spokesman for the Krakow prosecutor’s office said that the Oswiecim prosecutor’s office had applied to the local district court for temporary 14-day custody for Ingebrigt G., and the court had applied this preventive measure at a session. The Oswiecim prosecutor’s office then sent these files to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, which in turn applied to the Regional Court in Krakow for a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for the 26-year-old Norwegian.

    Child as a motive for the crime 

    The Norwegian is in custody at the police station in Denmark, where he is awaiting the decision of the Danish court – which, according to prosecutor Hnatko, will decide on extradition after receiving documents from Poland. It is known that Ingebrigt asked the police to pass on information about him to his mother. The Danes have contacted the Norwegian embassy, which offers its citizens legal assistance – this is a standard procedure.

    When asked about the motives for the crime, prosecutor Hnatko assessed that it was most likely a child. The body of the 26-year-old was found by her father on Saturday in a flat in Oswiecim. According to the prosecutor’s office, the woman had cuts and stab wounds to her neck – indicating the involvement of third parties. A bloody knife was also found at the scene. The daughter of the woman and Ingebrigt G disappeared at the time. The police received the report before 5 p.m. A search was launched in Poland and Europe for the man suspected of killing the woman and kidnapping the child. A Child Alert was also announced.

    At around 10 pm on Saturday, the suspect was stopped for a roadside check by Danish officers on a motorway in Copenhagen. The man was driving a Volkswagen, with his five-year-old daughter in the back seat of the vehicle. The girl has Polish and Norwegian citizenship.

    5-year-old Mia will return to Poland later today

    The father of a 26-year-old woman from Oświęcim, whose body with cut wounds was found in her flat on Saturday, has been granted temporary custody of his granddaughter. The court’s decision has enabled the man to take back the girl, who until now had been in the custody of Danish special services.

    “Most likely the girl will return to Poland with her grandfather this afternoon,” informed Małgorzata Jurecka, Press Officer of the District Police Commander in Oświęcim.

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