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    Energy security as well as climate goals are top priorities, says the president

    Energy security is a top priority alongside climate goals, Poland’s president told reporters on the sidelines of the COP27 climate summit in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    “The most important thing besides achieving climate protection goals is to ensure energy security. Today we must say this with all clarity: energy security is a top priority,” Andrzej Duda said on Monday.


    He added that energy transformation should not encumber people’s lives, and stressed that energy problems caused by the Russia-Ukraine war had to be taken into account when planning climate goals.


    “Just transformation should help people, not hamper their lives and steep them in poverty. In our part of Europe, we have to have heating over winter, and climate policy must consider such factors,” Duda said.


    The Polish president noted that this year’s COP conference was taking place in a specific situation, with soaring energy prices caused by the war that hinders energy transformation and the introduction of renewable energy.


    “This is the first time the world is confronted with such a situation. At a time when we are pursuing the energy transformation process towards energy from renewable sources… we are confronted with a violent change in international relations,” Duda said.



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