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    78 Schools Receive Funding for Foreign Trips as part of the New Initiative “Discover Polish Traces in Europe”

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    The Ministry of Education and Science announced on Thursday that 78 schools will receive funding for foreign trips as part of the new initiative called “Discover Polish Traces in Europe.” The support amounts range from PLN 30,000 to PLN 75,000.

    The Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN) stated that the aim of the initiative is to support educational institutions by providing financial assistance for international trips. These trips will allow students to explore Polish cultural heritage in Europe and discover the scientific achievements of outstanding Poles beyond the borders of Poland.

    “This will be valuable support for teachers in implementing the core curriculum for secondary schools. The initiative will also enhance the learning process as students will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a unique educational environment, tracing historical footprints outside of Poland. It will also promote modern patriotic education,”

    stated the ministry.

    The application process for funding started on the morning of June 26. “The program received enormous interest, and the 5 million złoty fund was depleted within one day,” announced the Ministry of Education and Science in a Thursday statement. The ministry further revealed that 78 schools would receive support ranging from PLN 30,000 to PLN 75,000. The students will go on trips lasting five days (46 schools), four days (14 schools), or three days (18 schools).

    The program “Discover Polish Traces in Europe” allowed public and private secondary schools (including general high schools, technical schools, vocational schools, and special schools preparing for work) as well as artistic schools providing general education in high school level to apply for funding. These institutions include local government entities, legal entities other than local government, and individuals.

    When planning their trips, students and teachers had to indicate the places they wished to visit from a selection of 326 educational points on the map of Europe, known as “educational spots.” These spots were chosen by MEiN in cooperation with the National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad, known as POLONICA. A minimum of 20 students had to participate in the trip. The applicant was required to entrust the organization of the trip to an external entity registered in the Central Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Acquisition of Related Tourism Services.

    Under the “Discover Polish Traces in Europe” program, trips of three days can receive up to PLN 45,000 in funding (80% of the total cost), four-day trips up to PLN 60,000, and five-day trips up to PLN 75,000. The grant funds can only be used to cover the expenses included in the trip’s cost calculation, such as transportation, admission tickets, tour guide services, accommodation, meals, and participant insurance.


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