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    Fires in Australia

    The landscape of Australia has changed beyond recognition in the last few weeks. Bushfires in the southeast of the country destroyed more than 5 million hectares of land and around 2,000 houses. Fires took the lives of 24 people, and thousands of Australians were forced to evacuate.

    As you can see in satellite images published by NASA, the scale of damage in the country is huge. Photographs show the immense amount of smoke generated during the fires. New South Wales has declared a state of emergency. There is still a gigantic evacuation operation including the involvement of officers, the army, and navy ships.
    Sharp attacks are falling on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has been accused of depreciating the link between climate change and the growing risk of drought and bushfires in the past. Some residents also claim that the Australian government reacted too late to the fires, and that in December, when the forests were being consumed by flames, the prime minister was spending time abroad.


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