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    Procession of the Three King

     Yesterday was the celebration of the Christian holiday of the Epiphany. In over 800 towns and villages across the country and abroad Poles took part in large, colourful processions of the Three Kings. The procession in Warsaw was led by cardinal Kazimierz Nycz. This tradition began ten year years ago and brings together millions of Poles. 

    Participants in the procession gathered at the Castle square in the capital. A quarter of an hour before the main celebrations began, the Family Procession marched towards a symbolic Bethlehem. It was led by actors playing the Holy Family accompanied by angels and Roman soldiers.

     “I came here with the kids and we’ve been serving in the procession every year for many years now. Our school is the main organiser so it’s an inseparable part of the 6th of January for us”- says resident of Warsaw.

      “It’s the biggest family event in the world and the biggest nativity play too. There’s great joy here and wonderful celebration of the Epiphany with the procession”- says Pr.Paweł Rytel Andrianik, spokesman for the Episcopate.

     “As part of the Three Kings’ Procession foundation we gather funds for holidays for children, especially from poor families”- says Agnieszka, volunteer.

     “Today’s holiday is also a day of spiritual and financial support for missionaries so we’re handing out promotional materials regarding our work on missions”- says Pr.Kamil Kowalski. Płock city Diocese, preparing to go on a mission.

    The Three Kings’ Procession Foundation is the main organiser of the march.

     “People have a need to express their faith e.g. in the procession, they need joyful celebrations and it really shows who the Christians are, it’s all here”- says Pr.Paweł Rytel Andrianik, spokesman for the Episcopate.

     The Three Kings’ Procession went through the streets of 872 towns in Poland and 21 abroad.


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