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    Domestic electricity prices will rise this year

    Householders face an unpleasant surprise this year. Domestic electricity prices will rise by an average 11,5%. The government expects to introduce a scheme to compensate those in the lowest tax bracket for the increase. The leaders of the Agreement party support this initiative.

     ”A one hundred percent refund of the amount that was raised for people in the lowest tax bracket. This is the only criterion, the support is addressed to the least affluent. I want to reassure you that we intend to make it so that “being in the lowest tax bracket” does not require the submission of certificates from the Tax Office. The entire program could cost a maximum of three billion, assuming that every eligible person were to claim their compensation. However, I expect that the amount may in fact be just a half of the maximum”- says Jacek Sasin,Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets.

     ”I think that it is reasonable that the compensation should go to the poorest who really cannot afford this increase of less than 10 zlotys a month. The approach that will be presented in the bill is not bad. If it were to look like this, then we don’t see why we would not support this project”- says Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Development, Agreement party.


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