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    “220 zloty and a bar of chocolate”- New witness in the bribery scandal of Tomasz Grodzki

    – I was a witness when my mother entered the surgery of the head physician’s office and gave him this money – says Mrs. Marta from Szczecin. Marta’s mother is already dead, but for 40 years she had written all the most important things that happened in her life in the book calendar. The calendar from 1997 has survived up to now. Among others the woman wrote: “A referral to (Szczecin) Zdunowo. Only Grodzki can declare this. (…) Life transitions 220 PLN and chocolate … “.


    In 1996 Mrs. Marta’s dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. The first treatment took place in hospital in Szczecin in Unia Lubelska street. – We were called there for consultations even at midnight, but I do not remember if money or bribe were mentioned – Marta recalls. – Dad had a large port of the brain removed.

    An ultrasound examination was conducted at the end of February. – The doctors claimed that brain cancer is never an independent cancer – Mrs. Marta says. “Mostly it’s a lung cancer metastasis, but the study didn’t confirm that.” That is why we were advised to transfer dad to the hospital in Szczecin – Zdunowo.

    From Mrs. Marta’s notebook we get to know about the note written by the date 3rd March 1997: “Referral to Zdunów. Only Grodzki can declare this. “

    In Zdunów, the doctor who operated on the man was a head physician Tomasz Grodzki. – We got the information about my father’s surgery after his nine day stay in hospital. Two days later, someone called my mother saying that a “brick” has to be paid for my dad’s surgery – Mrs.Marta says.

    A note appeared in the notebook on 14th March 1997: “I was at the head phisician’s office at 11.00. A phone call concerning the “brick”.

    – I was a witness when my mother entered the surgery of the head physician’s office and gave him the money- says Mrs. Marta.

    – Mum told me to wait outside, she didn’t want to take me with her. She always taught us that we must not give bribes. But this situation changed everything. She wanted to save my dad and despite the fact that this situation humiliated her a lot, she decided to pay. I remember that when I left the head physician’s office, she said “I’ve just given a bribe.” I saw that she had felt like a beaten dog. And she even said something like: “the sly guy approached me.”

    A note appeared in the notebook on 24th March 1997: ” Life transitions 220 PLN and chocolate”.

    – Mom could not accept it, especially that in our opinion this operation was not absolutely necessary- Mrs.Marta believes.

    – Dad had been already dying, this surgery didn’t change anything.

    Mrs. Marta’s mother has been already dead. She was a well-known teacher in Szczecin.

    Mrs. Marta intends to tell her story the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau officers and the prosecutors’ office.

    Soon the recording of a conversation with Mrs. Marta on the portal

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