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    Magdalena Biejat of the Left has been dismissed as chair of the parliamentary Social Policy and Family Committee

    Magdalena Biejat of the Left has been dismissed as chair of the parliamentary Social Policy and Family Committee. Biejat was a supporter of the legalization of abortion before the 12th week of pregnancy, as well as the adoption of children by homosexual couples.


    This turn of events was not a surprise for anyone, including the former chairwoman of the social policy committee and the family Magdalena Biejat. As a sign of protest, MP’s of the Left and the Citizens’ Coalition left the room.

     ”You are judging Ms. Biejat for her views, because that is the only charge you have against her. Because she thinks differently from you”- says Włodzimierz Czarzasty, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, the Left.

    The committee chairwoman is being replaced by Urszula Rusecka of the Law and Justice party.

     ”I am sad that the opposition left the room. The elections of the previous term were held in an entirely different atmosphere. I understand we are all emotional, but the emotions will go down and we will get to work”- says Urszula Rusecka, Law and Justice party.

    Magdalena Biejat was also elected by the votes of the deputies of Law and Justice. Against her candidacy, there were only three members of the ruling party. The election of a radical supporter of abortion and LGBT ideology caused great controversy. In December, Law and Justice party spokeswoman Anita Czerwińska announced a motion to change the chairmanship of the committee, justifying it with the lack of sufficient activity on the part of Biejat in this role.

     ”In our opinion, Magdalena Biejat was largely spreading her ideologies instead of taking up work in the committee”- says Anita Czerwińska, Law and Justice party Spokeswoman.

    Biejat herself does not agree with the arguments of Law and Justice MPs. According to Biejat, she did not receive a proposal to remain in the presidium of the committee as vice-chairwoman, and the Left parliamentary club did not get a proposal to chair a different committee.

     ”Nobody spoke to me about this. The woman from the presidium did not report any problems to me in advance concerning my work in the committee. The Law and Justice party are doing everything they can to silence us, but we will not be silenced”- says Magdalena Biejat, The Left.

    19 committee members voted for the dismissal of Magdalena Biejat, 12 were against, nobody abstained.


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