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    590 business conference in Rzeszów a path to modernisation

    The figure 590 is the barcode number denoting Polish made goods. It is also the name of the Polish Economic Congress, that is held in the south eastern Polish city of Rzeszów.

    The city of Rzeszów serves as an example of Polish modernisation, particularly the notable aviation valley. This region has a heavy concentration of the aerospace industry, scientific research centers, as well as educational and training facilities. Aviation Valley is one of the best places in Central Europe for the development and fulfillment of aerospace projects.

    The president, PM, and CEOs of the largest Polish companies have gathered for a prestigious two day conference in South East Poland to promote business and celebrate the strengthening economy .

    Speaking at the 590 Congress held near Rzeszów, President Duda said: “We have our Strategy of Responsible Development. Owing to this, many programmes are being implemented now. What more can be said about this development?” the president asked and stressed it should be perceived particularly positively.

    The president added that he had just met with a group of Polish businessmen and was very glad to hear “that generally, they are satisfied with the current economic situation and that their businesses were developing, with regard to the number of jobs, investments and incomes.”

    “Of course, we also spoke about the future, about what we expect and want,” President Duda stressed that Poland needed more capital; “this is what we have lacked from the very beginning,” he underlined.

    President Duda also emphasised the special nature of this year’s congress given the fact that it is being held in the centenary year of Poland’s independence.

    The deputy head of the President’s Office, Paweł Mucha told PAP, the congress is designed to promote Polish economic patriotism and Polish enterprise.

    He said: “One could even say that this is a presidential project, as the President’s Economic Prize is being presented to leading Polish enterprises for the third time in Jasionka.”

    The third edition of the conference will host 94 talks, debates and workshops over the coming days aimed in part at helping small to medium sized business owners

    Special panel sessions such as ‘Will Poland be a superpower or a dwarf in 2118?’, ‘Storytelling in the age of social media’, and ‘Rebuilding the global balance 1918 – 2018’ are scheduled to address Poland’s history, its current challenges and the economic future of the country.

    The President of Poland is an official patron of the 590 economic congress, so Andrzej Duda handed the Presidential Business Awards, Duda said the winners were examples for others to follow and testimony to a great Polish business tradition.


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