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    Polish Science Day celebrated for the first time

    Yesterday, we were celebrating Polish Science Day for the first time ever. The date is not accidental, because 19th February marks the birthday of Nicolaus Copernicus. This national day was introduced in order to honour 81,000 Polish scientists. The city of Toruń organized a gala of Polish science under President Andrzej Duda’s patronage, with the participation of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education.

    The national day was introduced in order to honor Polish scientists whose job pays a key role in creating our civilization. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Education, children at schools should be taught more about Polish scientists and their achievements.

    “We talk about science, we talk about education, we say that we should teach our children about the achievements of Polish scientists, because their discoveries and inventions were amazing. We have to talk about it, we have to make sure that the young people remember it”, stated Anna Ostrowska.

    There are many places in the world where people celebrate Science Day everyday.

    The Warsaw Copernicus Science Center has around 400 exhibits. Every visitor can touch each of them and learn many new things. 

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