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    A ghost in Bory Tucholskie can bring you luck!

    If you need some more luck, you should definitely visit Bory Tucholskie in Poland! Why? There are huge chances that you will see a white ghost, that is a white European fallow deer in the woods!

    An albino deer is a not very rare sight to see in Polish forests. However, you should consider yourself very lucky if you happen to spot one. The close encounter with this animal is still an amazing experience, and what’s more, it is believed to bring luck as well.

    Albinism, also known as vitiligo, is a disorder that occurs as a result of gene mutations. The disorder affects humans, animals, and plants.

    According to the State Forests, among animals affected by vitiligo, there are “true albinos, in which the cells and iris of the eyes are completely pigmentless, and partial albinos, in which the selected white parts of the body are caused by the lack of melanin.”

    State Forests / press material

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