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    A Hero in Disguise: Meet Jonasz Waśko, the Lifesaving Nurse on a Scooter

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    Jonasz Waśko, a nurse with 14 years of experience, displayed extraordinary courage when he rescued a drowning boy while riding his scooter along the Vistula River. On his way home from work at the Stefan Żeromski Specialized Hospital in Krakow on May 11th, Jonasz noticed a commotion in the water near Dąbie. Without a second thought, he abandoned his scooter and plunged into the river, swiftly aiding a policeman in retrieving the unconscious child.

    Jonasz’s heroism extended beyond this single incident. Previously, during the Kiepura Festival in Krynica, he assisted a woman who unexpectedly went into labor during a concert. A versatile medical professional, Jonasz serves as an anesthetic nurse, rescuer, and also trains fellow medics. Privately, he cherishes his roles as a loving husband and father to two children, Leona and Róży. His adventurous spirit enjoys sports, Formula 1, and traveling.

    The Humble Soul Behind the Hero

    While his brave actions have earned him praise and gratitude from the local fire brigade, Jonasz remains remarkably modest. He follows a sense of duty, readily appearing where his expertise and compassionate heart are needed. His latest rescue further cements his reputation as a man dedicated to saving lives.

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