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    A platform in the shape of two interconnected circles in Słupca

    The unique platform on the lake in Słupca is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating elements of the newly emerging promenade in Wielkopolska. This public space, designed by the talented architect Paweł Grobelny, not only enriches the landscape but also attracts attention with its unique style and form, which clearly differs from traditional buildings of this type.

    One of the main characteristics of this project is minimalism, which is clearly visible in the piers and other elements designed by Grobelny. The designer opted for economy of form and the use of natural materials, primarily wood, in order to blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature and create a coherent landscape.

    The design concept encompasses not only the lakeside platform itself, but also many other elements of small architecture and urban furniture. The entire complex includes, among other things, an outdoor cinema, a children’s playground, sports fields and special spaces suitable for boules. However, the most important element of this project is the bridge itself, which leads to the historic mound on the Pilsen Lake. A viewing platform placed on it makes it possible to observe this magical place from a completely different perspective, which is an extraordinary attraction for visitors.

    Paweł Grobelny, who is well-known and respected for his designs for public spaces, is the author of this unusual project. His creativity and ability to create harmonious spaces have been expressed both in the development of the entire promenade at the Słupeckie Lake and in individual elements such as piers, seating and sitting platforms. His design has attracted the attention not only of the local community, but also of experts, who have repeatedly recognised his contribution to the development of public spaces.

    The unique platform on the lake in Słupca is only the first stage of this ambitious project. Paweł Grobelny still has many plans to further develop the promenade and add further attractions for residents and tourists. Completion of the whole thing is planned for the end of this year, which raises great expectations among those interested in this innovative space.

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