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    A special film screening of The Pilecki Report

    A special screening of the film ‘The Pilecki Report’ was held on Thursday at the Museum of Victims of Communism in Washington DC. This place is a memorial to the victims of the criminal communist system. Witold Pilecki was one of these victims, murdered by the communist security apparatus. This museum is a symbolic location for the premiere of this film.

    Poland, a country situated between two imperial powers, Russia and Germany, has long faced numerous challenges in its struggle for sovereignty. Faced with a growing threat from the two most bestial totalitarianisms of the 20th century – communism and national socialism – Poland faced a struggle for survival. In its brief period of freedom, after regaining independence in 1918, it had to face another German and then Soviet occupation. In spite of these hardships, Poland managed to survive thanks to its exceptional determination and secret quest for freedom.

    The film Pilecki’s Report sheds light on the question of how Poland was able to survive and regain its independence, despite geopolitical difficulties and the systematic oppression of two totalitarianisms. The story tells of a man who became a symbol of Polish determination and heroic choices in the face of ultimate threats. Witold Pilecki, the protagonist of this film, sacrificed his life for Poland, fighting against Bolshevik Russia in 1920 and then against German troops during World War II. He was not afraid to take up a hopeless fight even at the cost of his own life. He was a volunteer who voluntarily went to the Auschwitz concentration camp in order to gain information there and reveal to the world the enormity of the crimes committed by the Nazis.

    Witold Pilecki was an exceptional man who was guided by higher values and principles. He was bound to the Christian faith and culture and the chivalrous ethos, which has long been forgotten in Europe. It was this attitude and the heroic decisions taken in the most difficult situations that Pilecki believed were the right ones. Thanks to such attitudes, Poland achieved the final victory and regained its independence.

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