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    Achievements and Ambitions: President Andrzej Duda’s Address

    In a commemorative address marking Poland’s 20th anniversary in the European Union, President Andrzej Duda highlighted the nation’s remarkable utilization of its EU membership. He emphasized the need for further development, advocating for significant strategic investments like the Central Communication Port (CPK) to accelerate Poland’s integration among Europe’s wealthiest nations.

    Poland’s EU Journey: A Triumph of Success

    President Duda reflected on the historic significance of May 1, 2004, as a pivotal moment when Poland rejoined the political community of Western Europe. He hailed the past two decades as a collective success, citing thousands of investments, effective utilization of EU funds, and the expansion of Polish businesses across Europe.

    However, President Duda articulated Poland’s ambition to pursue greater progress. He stressed the necessity of substantial investments like the CPK to propel Poland’s economic advancement and solidify its position among Europe’s elite.

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