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    Activists Pour Paint on Warsaw Mermaid Statue [VIDEO]

    Two young activists poured orange paint on Warsaw’s iconic Mermaid statue at the Vistula Boulevards. Their act was accompanied by passionate cries decrying the violation of women’s rights on International Women’s Day and linking climate catastrophe to impending wars.

    As the orange paint adorned the monument, the activists chanted slogans proclaiming their generation as the last line of defense.

    “This is an alarm! We are the last generation! Today is Women’s Day. Our hard-fought rights are still being violated. And it will only get worse. Climate catastrophe leads to wars. Wars mean violence and assaults. We cannot allow this. Being here, I celebrate Women’s Day. This is my protest. We are the last generation, and we will fight for ourselves,”

    chanted the women.

    Following the act, the activists were promptly detained. This incident follows their disruptive intervention at a concert in the National Philharmonic last Friday, where they interrupted the performance with impassioned pleas to address the imminent climate catastrophe.

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