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    Advancements in Joint Revision Surgery: Custom Made Implants

    In Polish hospitals, a paradigm shift is underway in joint revision surgeries, with an increasing adoption of custom-made implants, pioneered by Professor Paweł Łęgosz of the Warsaw Medical University. These implants, tailored to individual patients, offer a lifeline in cases of extensive bone defects, particularly after previous surgeries where traditional methods are no longer viable.

    Every custom implant is a fusion of engineering and medical expertise. The process begins with a three-dimensional scan of the damaged bone, followed by engineers using 3D printing to craft implants that seamlessly fit existing voids and bone shapes. Surgeons collaborate closely with engineers, ensuring optimal solutions for each patient.

    A Shift Towards Tailored Solutions

    Professor Łęgosz emphasizes the high success rates of such procedures, attributing it to the implants’ biocompatible materials and precise customization. Discussions are ongoing regarding the gradual phasing out of traditional implants in favor of patient-specific ones, despite cost considerations, due to the significant long-term benefits they offer.

    Loosened implants often lead to patient discomfort and reduced quality of life. With custom implants, patients experience improved functionality and reduced reliance on follow-up interventions. As society ages and primary joint replacement surgeries become more common, the demand for custom implants is expected to surge, offering a new frontier in orthopedic care.

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