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    Alarming Rise in HIV Infections in Poland

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    HIV infections surge in Poland, with 2023 projected to set a record. Urgent calls for testing and awareness.

    Record-Breaking Infections in 2023

    Poland is set to witness a record number of HIV infections in 2023, according to the Res Humanae Humanitarian Aid Foundation. Nearly one-fifth of those diagnosed in the country succumb to the disease due to advanced stages.

    Disturbing Statistics and Late Detection

    As of mid-November, 2590 HIV infections have been reported, surpassing the total for 2022 (2384 cases). Disturbingly, approximately 20% of those infected are unaware of their condition, while 16% of those with a positive diagnosis refuse treatment, despite its free and effective availability.

    Call for Testing and Early Treatment

    Professor Justyna Kowalska from the Warsaw Medical University stresses the importance of regular HIV testing, especially for men who constitute the majority of infections. Despite advancements in treatments, the delay in detection significantly reduces the chances of effective intervention.

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