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    Aleksander Skóra Wins Silver Medal at the International Biology Olympiad

    Aleksander Skóra, a student at the Public High School of the Lodz University of Technology, has won a silver medal at the 34th International Biology Olympiad held in the United Arab Emirates.

    The success of the young biologist, who climbed the podium during the medal ceremony while holding the Polish flag, was announced by Dr. Eng. Ewa Chojnacka, the spokesperson for the Lodz University of Technology.

    The International Biology Olympiad is one of the most important competitions in the field of biology worldwide. This year, over 320 talented young individuals from 80 countries participated in the event, along with a large group of biology experts from around the world.

    Aleksander Skóra, who won the silver medal, has just completed the second year of the biology-chemistry profile at the Public High School of the Lodz University of Technology.

    “Olek has been passionate about biology for many years, to the extent that when talking about an animal or a plant, he can not only describe it in detail but also knows their Latin names. He is a versatile student, achieving excellent results in all subjects. I can also call him a humanist; he is well-read and eloquent, with no secrets when it comes to classic Polish literature. In various classroom situations, he utilizes quotes from the works of Mickiewicz or Sienkiewicz. He has been raised in the spirit of respect for tradition and ancient culture,” emphasized the homeroom teacher of the laureate, Polish language teacher Ms. Katarzyna Pawłowska-Raf.

    According to the homeroom teacher, despite all of his scientific merits, Olek is also well-liked by both students and teachers.

    During the 34th Olympiad, in addition to workshops, participants underwent a comprehensive series of six tests. Two of them assessed theoretical knowledge and were conducted using computers. The remaining four tests involved experiments, particularly in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology of plants, bioinformatics, and ecology and ethics.

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