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    Another Greater Poland District Hospital Receives EU Support for Healthcare Advancement

    The Greater Poland region allocates €690 million from European Funds to enhance healthcare facilities, benefiting institutions like the Ostrzeszow Health Center with cutting-edge medical equipment purchases.

    In a significant move, the authorities of the Greater Poland voivodeship have directed €690 million from European Funds towards the development of healthcare facilities in the region. During the current financial perspective, allocations for healthcare infrastructure projects have been increased by over €140 million.

    The Ostrzeszow Health Center is the latest beneficiary of this augmented allocation, receiving approximately €1.2 million in EU funding from the Greater Poland Regional Operational Program 2014+. These funds will enable the acquisition of state-of-the-art medical equipment for several hospital departments, including surgery, internal medicine, palliative care, and gynecology-obstetrics. Planned acquisitions include an HDTV image processor, video gastroscopes, and video bronchoscopes.

    Lech Janicki, the starosta of Ostrzeszow, emphasized that this decision marks the completion of the endoscopy laboratory establishment phase. He recalled that, until now, only two Greater Poland districts – Ostrzeszow and Wagrowiec – lacked such a facility.

    “I’m pleased that, after signing the agreement, we can look to the future with optimism and aim to open this laboratory by the end of the year,” added the starosta.

    Marek Woźniak, the marshal, highlighted that the competition initiated by the regional government to support healthcare institutions in Greater Poland was resolved in a way that all correctly submitted projects received positive evaluations and will receive grants.

    “This primarily concerns a large group of district hospitals, including the Ostrzeszow Health Center. These institutions have mainly planned expenses for equipment purchases because quality healthcare is impossible without modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices,” he added.

    In July, the regional government announced the allocation of EU support to eight other district hospitals, amounting to €25 million from the Greater Poland Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020. Among the beneficiaries were healthcare facilities in Pleszew, Śrem, Słupca, Czarnków, Nowy Tomysl, Szamotuły, Jarocin, and Chodzież. The largest grant (over €9.1 million) was awarded to the Pleszew Medical Center for the enhancement of orthopedic and anesthesiology departments, as well as the operating block and radiology laboratory.

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