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    April 4th: Boosting the Prestige of Childcare Profession

    In Poland, April 4th marks the Day of the Small Child’s Caregiver. The nation acknowledges the invaluable contribution of nursery caregivers and childcare attendants. The Minister of Family, Labor, and Social Policy announces forthcoming changes aimed at elevating the status of this profession.

    Enhancing Recognition and Support

    The proposed amendments include designating April 4th as the Day of the Small Child’s Caregiver. This holiday will serve as an opportunity to honor outstanding caregivers with the Small Child’s Caregiver Medals, awarded in three tiers by officials ranging from the Minister to local leaders.

    Strengthening Rights and Benefits

    Under the envisioned law, caregivers will be recognized as public servants, with employers mandated to advocate for their rights. Additionally, caregivers will gain extra annual leave, increasing with years of service, and employers will facilitate training to enhance their skills.

    These reforms aim not only to elevate the prestige of childcare but also to provide tangible support to those dedicated to nurturing the youngest members of society.

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