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    Archaeological Finds in Bieszczady Forests Shed Light on Rich History

    The dense and mysterious forests of Bieszczady, nestled in the Subcarpathian region, have long captivated the imagination of explorers and history enthusiasts. Over the years, these ancient woodlands have revealed remarkable historical artefacts that provide glimpses into the turbulent past of this land. Recent discoveries in the Baligród Forest District have once again unearthed fascinating relics, further emphasizing the significance of the region’s historical heritage.

    Remarkable Discovery of a Medieval Battle Axe in Bieszczady Forest

    The latest find, a medieval battle axe, was uncovered on 19 May by Piotr Kubit, a member of the “Galicia” Exploration and History Association. While conducting a search authorized within the Baligród Forest District, Kubit stumbled upon the ancient weapon. Recognizing its potential historical value, Kubit promptly reported the finding to the Provincial Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments in the Krosno Department and the Baligród Forest Inspectorate. Artur Hejnar, the search manager from the “Galicia” Association, noted that the axe appeared older than most objects discovered in the area, which mainly consisted of military artefacts from the Great War.

    To properly assess and document the find, a field inspection took place on 28 June at the discovery site. Anna Okoniewska, an archaeologist from the Provincial Historical Monument Office in Krosno, joined the investigation. The examination concluded that the battle axe dates back to the late medieval period. A comprehensive report was prepared, and the axe was handed over to the relevant authorities for further analysis and preservation. Although not grandiose in size, this discovery provides tangible evidence of significant historical events that unfolded centuries ago in the depths of the Bieszczady forest.

    Unveiling the Ancient Treasures: Remarkable Archaeological Finds in the Baligród Forest District

    Interestingly, this is not the first significant archaeological find in the Baligród Forest District. In 2016, Miłosz Bielec, another member of the “Galicia” Association, discovered a medieval spearhead or javelin in the same vicinity. The spearhead, measuring 18 centimetres in length, was subsequently donated to the Historical Museum in Sanok. Given the parallels between these two discoveries, it is likely that the newly found battle axe will also find a place of honour within the same museum.

    These recent findings add to a growing list of remarkable archaeological discoveries made in the forests of the Subcarpathian region. In 2017, an early medieval iron sword, estimated to be around 1,200 years old, was unearthed in the Baligród Forest District. This remarkable artefact offers insights into the region’s history during the early medieval period.

    Unearthing the Secrets of the Past: Extraordinary Bronze Age Discoveries in the Forests of the Subcarpathian Region

    Venturing further back in time, a truly invaluable treasure from the Bronze Age, dating back 3,000 years, was discovered on Biała Góra in the forest of the Brzozów Forest Inspectorate in 2019. The treasure consisted of delicate copper ornaments, small beads, and a notable round copper plate adorned with intricate dotted patterns. This extraordinary find provides a rare glimpse into the lives and craftsmanship of our ancestors from a bygone era.

    The discoveries continue, highlighting the rich history still concealed within the forests of the Subcarpathian region. In the same year, during routine forestry work, Lesław Śliwiak of the Brzozów Forest District stumbled upon yet another significant find—an early Bronze Age hatchet made from Volhynian flint, a rock not typically found in the area. Such discoveries underline the potential for future archaeological surprises waiting to be unearthed within these ancient woods.

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