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    Attempted Murder Charges for Man Who Shot Policemen in Wrocław

    On Saturday evening, Maksymilian F. faced charges of attempting to murder two police officers. Karol Borchólski from the National Prosecutor’s Office conveyed this information to the Polish Press Agency. The man was sought in connection with a shooting incident in Wrocław that left two officers wounded in the head.

    “On Saturday, the man was brought to the prosecutor’s office, where he was charged with attempting to murder two police officers. The charges carry a potential sentence of lifelong imprisonment,” said Borchólski.

    The National Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson added that the prosecutor would likely file a motion for temporary arrest.

    Earlier reports indicated that a black powder weapon was found in possession of the 44-year-old. The National Prosecutor’s Office took over the investigation into the Wrocław shooting.

    The Man Threatened to Open Fire

    Before the incident, Maksymilian F. had been sharing short videos featuring himself on the social media platform Instagram. In one video, he stated that he would open fire on police officers if they approached him.

    “If the police try to get close to me, I will open fire. I’ll be the first. Why? Answer that yourselves. I am a person harassed by the police. They tried to put me in some program, and I am not a criminal, but I will become one, just as you have been trying to make me a criminal for many, many, many years,” Maksymilian F. said in the published recording.

    Police officials are aware of the videos but are reluctant to disclose details of the investigation. According to Polish Press Agency, Jr. Asp. Tomasz Nowak from the Wrocław Police Headquarters stated, “This will be examined.”

    The legal proceedings will likely provide further insights into the circumstances surrounding the attack on the police officers in Wrocław.

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