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    Bacteria Found on Lublin Parcel Lockers: A Study

    Researchers from the Medical University of Lublin examined the bacterial presence on 64 parcel lockers across 16 districts. The study found the highest microbiological contamination in Czuby Północne.

    Study Details

    Dr. Martyna Kasela, overseeing the microbiological study, highlighted Poland’s leading number of parcel lockers in the EU and second worldwide after China. The research aimed to identify bacteria and fungi on these popular devices.

    Sampling and Results

    Samples were taken from touch screens and buttons of parcel lockers in Lublin’s densely populated districts. The highest contamination levels were found in Czuby Północne, Czuby Południowe, and Dziesiąta, while the lowest were in Bronowice, Czechów Północny, and Tatary. A correlation was observed between contamination levels and population density.

    Types of Bacteria Found

    Most detected bacteria and fungi were harmless, originating from urban environments. These included Bacillus and Paenibacillus species. However, some opportunistic bacteria like Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus, which can cause infections and food poisoning, were also found.

    Importance of Hand Hygiene

    Dr. Kasela emphasized the importance of hand hygiene in preventing infections, recommending a thorough 30-second hand wash, including often neglected areas.

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