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    Badgers in Polish Forests

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    Badgers, also known as European polecats, are distinctive mammals found in Polish forests. They are medium-sized animals with a distinctive appearance, distinguished by a black and white stripe on their face and short legs. Read more about them below.

    Badgers are territorial animals and spend most of their time in burrows, which they build themselves. Badger burrows can have a complex structure, consisting of several chambers, tunnels and entrances. They often use the abandoned burrows of other animals, such as foxes or rabbits.

    They feed primarily on insects, rodents, frogs and other invertebrates, although fruit, seeds and soft plants can also be found in their diet. Badgers have a nocturnal lifestyle, which means that they are mainly active at night, while they rest in their burrows during the day.

    The State Forests have uploaded a video of badgers in the forest recently:

    “Badgers, formerly known as “jaźwce” in Poland, spend a lot of time strengthening family bonds. In spring, they meticulously clean each other’s fur of nuisance parasites, mainly fleas. Note that anyone who turns on the sound may start scratching nervously.”,

    wrote State Forests on Twitter

    Badgers play an important role in the ecosystem of Polish forests. Their diet includes plant pests such as beetles, which contributes to the natural population control of these organisms. In addition, by digging burrows, badgers help to aerate the soil and disperse plant seeds.

    Unfortunately, the badger population in Polish forests is currently under threat. The main factors influencing the decline in their numbers are habitat loss, agricultural intensification, infrastructure development and hunting. In addition, badgers are sometimes the victims of road accidents.

    Various measures are being taken to protect badgers in Polish forests. Protection of habitats, such as forests, is crucial for the conservation of these animals. Also, educating the public about badgers and their role in the ecosystem can help raise awareness and interest in protecting these mammals. In addition, the introduction of appropriate legislation and hunting controls is important to ensure protection for badgers.

    Badgers are fascinating animals present in Polish forests. Their presence is important for maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity. It is therefore important that we take action to protect and conserve these beautiful mammals in our country.

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