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    Baltic Power Wind Farm: Poland’s Most Advanced Offshore Wind Project

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    Poland’s most advanced offshore wind energy (OWE) project, Baltic Power, is set to deliver 1.2 GW of green energy to 1.5 million households by 2026. Construction activities are underway near Łeba, with the electrolytic station taking shape. The next phase will involve the installation of turbines, commencing with the foundations.

    Moving Full Speed Ahead

    Piotr Ostrowski, Deputy Director of Projects at Baltic Power, notes that the project is in the execution phase, focusing on the prefabrication of key elements such as foundations, cables, and turbines. The goal is to successfully complete this phase and have the farm operational by 2026.

    Regulatory Environment Vital for OWE

    Ostrowski emphasizes the importance of legislative preparations to accelerate offshore sector growth in Poland. A conducive regulatory environment has facilitated a swift transition from project initiation decisions to the current construction phase, a notable advantage compared to international counterparts facing project halts.

    Experience and Expertise

    With six years of experience, Baltic Power, a joint venture of PKN ORLEN and Canada’s Northland Power, aims to share its expertise to enhance the offshore wind energy sector in Poland. The company anticipates contributing nearly 1.2 GW of clean energy to Poland’s power grid, benefiting millions of households.

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