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    Belarusian Spy Tomasz Szmydt Threatens TV Republika Journalist Ahead of Explosive Publication

    Tomasz Szmydt, a Belarusian spy who fled to Minsk and now actively participates in Alexander Lukashenko’s propaganda machinery, has issued threats against TV Republika journalist Piotr Nisztor. The threats coincided with Nisztor’s announcement of an upcoming exposé that promises to shock the entire nation. Coincidence? It’s hard to believe…

    Soon, TV Republika’s program “Ściśle Jawne” is set to release material revealing photos, documents, and connections that will stun the public. According to Jarosław Olechowski, the material will uncover the backdrop of a massive corruption scandal involving individuals who recently criticized the rule of law in Poland. Piotr Nisztor announced on social media.

    Following this announcement, Tomasz Szmydt, a former judge in Poland now residing in Belarus, where he actively supports the Lukashenko regime and criticizes Poland, suddenly became active. Szmydt directed threats at Nisztor, warning him in a social media post.

    “Beans are what you will spill. And it’s yet to come. You’ve been hard-pressed a few times already, the trunk was too small, not to mention what happened in the forest. I only feel sorry for ‘your, not your’ girl. But no one will save you now,” read a post on an account bearing Szmydt’s name and image. It is evident which agency is behind these threats.

    The Belarusian KGB has started threatening me with being taken to the forest and ‘pressured’. All this after I announced a material that will shake not only the judiciary. Coincidence? commented Nisztor.

    “I do not intend to take any action. I hope the ABW counterintelligence is investigating this matter, including the threats that appeared on Szmydt’s account, which are clearly directed by the Belarusian KGB,” said the journalist from Strefa Wolnego Słowa. Meanwhile, another post on Szmydt’s account invited Nisztor to visit Belarus, further escalating the tension before the release of potentially compromising materials.

    As the anticipation builds up for the release of these revealing documents, the stakes appear higher than ever. With a former Polish judge turned Belarusian propagandist issuing threats and the Polish counterintelligence likely to intervene, the nation awaits with bated breath for what could be a pivotal moment in exposing corruption within its borders.

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