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    Beyond Politics: Jarosław Kaczyński Shares His Hobbies

    In a rare glimpse into the personal life of Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland’s Law and Justice party, he revealed his affection for cats during an interview with Anita Gargas for her YouTube show, “Magazyn Anity Gargas.” When asked if he considers his relationship with cats a hobby, Kaczyński admitted, “I have to make time for it.”

    Despite his busy schedule, Kaczyński finds moments to indulge in his interests. He shared that he enjoys watching boxing, although less frequently nowadays. He recounted staying up late to watch a match, highlighting the sport’s blend of physical prowess and skill. “Boxing is not just about weight and strength but also about skill. Usyk, for instance, has a modest stature compared to others but still wins,” he explained.

    The conversation briefly touched on rodeo, to which Kaczyński responded with nostalgia, indicating that it was something from his past.

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