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    Bieszczady National Park Wildfire: Swift Response Saves the Day

    Firefighters have effectively contained a wildfire that erupted amidst the rugged terrain of Bieszczady National Park, situated between Krzemień and Obnoga. Despite the challenging conditions, firefighting teams swiftly mobilized to tackle the blaze.

    The State Fire Service reported the wildfire occurrence within Bieszczady County, highlighting the inherent difficulties in accessing the affected area. Utilizing quads and unmanned aerial vehicles, along with the deployment of a Border Guard helicopter and firefighters from JRG-1 Rzeszów equipped with specialized Bambi Bucket water tanks, concerted efforts were made to combat the flames.

    With the fire now localized and extinguished, attention turns to the aftermath. Over 60 firefighters, supported by more than 30 personnel from various services including forestry, border patrol, and mountain rescue, played crucial roles in the firefighting operation.

    In a statement released on Facebook, Bieszczady National Park detailed the extinguishing of two separate fires near Mount Krzemień and Mount Obnoga. The collaborative efforts of park patrols and multiple services led to the successful containment of the blazes, which burned significant areas of dry grassland.

    The coordinated response of emergency services, including the Stuposiany Forest District, Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR), State Fire Service, Border Guard, and local volunteer firefighters, has undoubtedly averted a potential disaster in the park. As the park service continues to secure the area, the precise cause of the fires remains under investigation, emphasizing the critical role of swift action in preserving the natural beauty and ecological balance of Bieszczady National Park.

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