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    Blaze Erupts at Marywilska 44, Warsaw: Authorities Probe Cause

    In the wee hours of the morning, flames engulfed a shopping complex located at Marywilskiej 44 in Warsaw, leading to the collapse of its roof. The devastating incident has sent shockwaves through the community, particularly impacting the countless traders who have long operated within its walls.

    Karol Kierzkowski, spokesperson for the State Fire Service (PSP), shed light on the situation, assuring that the fire does not pose a threat to groundwater or nearby waterways. “Our immediate concern lies with the post-fire water, which needs careful management,” he emphasized. Kierzkowski noted the fortunate containment of water due to the site’s concrete foundation, mitigating the risk of environmental contamination.

    As efforts to extinguish the blaze continue, heavy equipment is being deployed to dismantle structural elements and reach lingering hot spots. Consequently, authorities anticipate smoke to persist for hours. Kierzkowski outlined the next steps, stating, “Upon completion of operations, specialized teams will delve into determining the fire’s origins.”

    Meanwhile, the fire brigade’s mobile laboratory diligently monitors air quality over Łomianki, where wind currents have dispersed smoke. Despite minor pollutant fluctuations, Kierzkowski assured the public of their safety.

    At the scene, a significant police presence ensures security, with traffic officers blocking access to the affected area.  The Police Headquarters officially announced the commencement of investigative procedures to unravel the fire’s cause. “Our team will conduct witness interviews, secure surveillance footage, and collaborate with fire experts,” they affirmed. However, conclusive findings are pending further investigation.

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