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    Boosting Housing Market: Poland’s ‘2 Percent Loan’ Program Sparks Interest

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    In a recent interview with “Rzeczpospolita,” Waldemar Buda, the Minister of Development and Technology, expressed his delight over the substantial public interest in the “2 Percent Loan” program, which was launched in July. Buda emphasized that the program has not only generated keen inquiries about its terms but has also revitalized a stagnant housing market.

    Buda noted that the credit activity had plummeted by 50% compared to the previous year, accompanied by a significant drop in property sales. He underscored the importance of a program supporting first-home purchases, deeming it a crucial milestone in every individual’s life.

    Responding to concerns about those lacking creditworthiness, Buda highlighted the availability of communal and participatory housing options, such as TBS housing. The government has allocated substantial funds, amounting to PLN 1.65 billion this year, to bolster these initiatives, representing a substantial increase from the previous annual budget of around PLN 100 million.

    Addressing the notion of rising property prices due to the program’s announcement, Buda clarified that slight decreases in average prices were observed after the program’s unveiling. He debunked claims of immediate price hikes, stating that there were even marginal quarter-to-quarter declines.

    The government’s commitment to supporting housing affordability through diverse measures demonstrates its dedication to stimulating the housing market and ensuring broader accessibility.

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