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    Boosting Scientific Collaboration: Ulam NAWA Program Welcomes 61 International Scholars

    Dr. Dawid Kostecki, Director of the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), emphasized the importance of attracting global talent to Poland, stating that the competition for scientists among countries is crucial for technological progress.

    In the recently concluded 5th edition of the Ulam NAWA program, 61 scholars from 24 countries secured scholarships for research in 31 Polish institutions. Notably, 209 researchers applied, marking a significant increase from the previous edition.

    Prestigious Scholarships and Diverse Research Areas

    Two scholars with the Seal of Excellence in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships program received instant scholarships. The Ulam NAWA program aims to internationalize Polish universities by welcoming both established and promising researchers in various scientific fields.

    Global Representation in Research Fields

    The scholars selected for the 5th edition will contribute to research in six OECD-classified fields. Engineering and technical sciences (24) and natural sciences (23) dominate, followed by medical and health sciences (5), social sciences (5), humanities (3), and agriculture (1).

    Benefits for Poland and International Recognition

    Director Kostecki highlighted the benefits for Polish institutions hosting foreign researchers, enhancing the country’s image. The program fosters international collaborations, potentially leading to impactful research projects and furthering the development of science.

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