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    Border Guard Celebrates 32 Years of Service in Poland

    On May 16th, the Border Guard proudly celebrates its 32nd anniversary of dedicated service along the Republic of Poland’s border. Facing a myriad of challenges, from the Covid-19 pandemic to international conflicts and migration pressures, the Border Guard remains unwavering in its mission to protect Poland’s borders and ensure the safety of its citizens. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and fortified barriers, the Border Guard stands as a symbol of Poland’s commitment to border security.

    A Highly Skilled Force Protecting Poland’s Borders for 32 Years

    On May 16th, the Border Guard commemorates its anniversary, marking 32 years since the formation began its dedicated service along the border of the Republic of Poland. Over the years, the Border Guard has evolved into a highly professional and uniformed entity, boasting 14.2 thousand officers, including 4.5 thousand women, as well as more than 3.3 thousand civilian employees. With 6.7 thousand officers within the ensign corps, over 5.1 thousand non-commissioned officers, and 2.3 thousand officers, the formation maintains a diverse and capable workforce. 

    With the responsibility of safeguarding a vast section of 3,600 kilometres of the Polish border, including over 1,600 kilometres of the external border, the Border Guard plays a vital role in ensuring national security. The structure of the Border Guard encompasses the Headquarters, the Bureau of Internal Affairs, 9 branches spanning the entirety of Poland, 3 Border Guard training centres, and 98 posts strategically positioned along the border.

    Rising to the Challenge: Border Guard’s Dedication Amidst Complex Threats

    In recent years, the Border Guard has confronted numerous challenging circumstances. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the dynamically shifting international landscape and conflicts beyond the eastern border, along with significant migration pressures, have made the preservation of citizen security and protection of Poland’s external border, as well as that of the European Union, the primary and most crucial objectives.

    Border Guard officers tirelessly operate on the front line, defending the Polish border, often facing hostile encounters with foreign aggressors. While the Border Guard comprises various interconnected components, the officers themselves hold paramount importance. They undergo rigorous professional training, exhibit unwavering dedication to their duty, and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as perimetry and advanced devices, to bolster border security.

    Innovative Solutions Strengthen Poland’s Frontiers

    In response to emerging challenges, the Polish-Belarusian border has been fortified with a cutting-edge barrier, incorporating advanced technological solutions, including perimetry, which promptly detects border threats upon their emergence. Furthermore, the installation of an electronic barrier along the border with Russia has already commenced. These groundbreaking investments represent the most substantial endeavours in the history of the Border Guard, underscoring the nation’s commitment to border protection.

    As the Border Guard commemorates 32 years of unwavering service, it stands as a testament to Poland’s commitment to fortifying its borders and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens.

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